Digital Security

POE Question 7:

It is important to be wary on online activities, because these days it is so easy to get your personal information leaked out to the world and more specifically to hackers. They are then able to use this information to get access to bank accounts and other personal accounts that you don’t wish to share.

There are some guidelines to help prevent this from happening.

  1. Don’t post personal information online
  2. Don’t give out your passwords
  3. Create difficult passwords making it difficult to hack
  4. Keep all your privacy settings on
  5. Don’t accept friend requests of people that you don’t know
  6. Don’t meet up with people you might have met online
  7. Think about the consequences before you post something online
  8. Don’t believe everyone you meet online
  9. Don’t leave your passwords in one place
  10. Make sure your device of personal choice has a secure password

(StayingSafeOnline, 2017)


StayingSafeOnline. (2017, May 18). Retrieved from Safety net kids:

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